Friday, 16 December 2011

Granite Workwear's Hi-Vis Clothing Range for all applications

Now days many jobs require you to wear Hi Vis clothing at all times. High Visibility clothing is an essential way for workers to stay seen in all weather conditions and environments, that's why here at Granite Workwear we have a wide selection of Hi Vis clothing in yellow, orange and red.

Check out the Pulsar P349 High Vis Overalls, Granite Workwear price only £47.94 including VAT. These overalls are tough and durable and feature a YKK zip with press stud storm flap and 3M Scotchlite reflective tape, the overalls are also Teflon coated to repel grease, dirt and water. With additional knee pad pockets the overalls are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

The Pulsarail PR499 High Vis Unlined Storm Coat is now available at Granite Workwear in sizes ranging from XS to 7XL. This jacket is one of the best on the market in the style of a ski jacket it has fully tamed seams for watertight integrity. The jacket has a draw cord waist to ensure it fits the wearer precisely; it also has numerous pockets ideal for mobile phones, pens and A4 documents, only £47.94 including VAT.

For £101.94 including VAT is the Sioen Gladstone 5729 High Vis Red Multi Norm Trousers. These trousers conform to the following standards:

  • EN471 Class 1:2 High Visibility
  • EN531 and EN14116 Inner index 3 / outer index 1 flame retardancy
  • EN1149-5 Anti Static
  • EN13034 Protection from liquid chemicals
  • EN343 Class 3:3 Waterproof and breath ability
These trousers feature an elasticated waist with a drawstring and are also flame retardant. Now available at Granite Workwear.

View our entire range of High Visability Clothing here.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The fantastic Carhartt Workwear range at Granite Workwear

Now at Granite Workwear there is a great range of Carhartt Workwear products available. Carhartt is a US based clothing company founded in 1889 and popularly known for its work clothes. Here at Granite we have a  wide variety from trousers, overalls and hats, to jackets, work bags and T-shirts, view the whole range here.

Workwear does not come more traditional than the Carhartt C001 Chore coat. This coat features four riveted patch pockets, one even has a buttoned flap closure on the chest and an inside patch pocket. Available in a choice of two colours, the coat offers ultimate durability, with triple stitched seams; the Carhartt Chore Coat will probably outlast you!

The Carhartt C001 Chore Coat,with its on-trend corduroy collar is made from 100% cotton duck canvas and also has a bi-swing back which allows the wearer a much greater range of movement. With 7 size options this Chore coat is perfect for the upcoming winter months, our price only £113.94 including VAT.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Pulsarail PR505 High Vis Overall - Available Soon

Caught working in the cold on a rainy winter day? The Pulsarail PR505 High Vis Overall will keep you covered. This set of coveralls, available in November, features fully taped seams for watertight integrity. An integral hood is enclosed with a waterproof zip in order to avoid cold water down the neck. This coverall conforms to the regulations of Class 3 breathable and waterproofing guidelines, giving you the peace of mind of warm comfort in the worst conditions.

This piece features fully taped seams for a watertight seal against the elements. The zipper is a full-body length in order to help you avoid those awkward clothing changes. This is a YKK 2-way zip that will work from the bottom or top of this weatherproof garment.

Additional features include 3M reflective tape for dark or stormy weather conditions. There's no sense being out in the dark without the proper reflective gear. This stuff will stand up to whatever the weather brings. Need room for your tools and flashlight? This overall includes leg, chest and hip pockets, all with bellows for plenty of extra room.

An elasticated back waist gives a flattering look to even the burliest outdoor worker. Adjustable storm wrist and leg cuffs add extra security with Velcro flaps. The bulkiest boots will fit with ease under the gusseted leg cuffs. No need to unzip the whole coverall, just loosen the cuffs at your ankle in order to tighten or remove your boots.

This Pulsarail Overall can be used over the Thinsulate thermal lining during the coldest conditions. This will provide added cold and wind protection without extra bulk. The thermal lining zips easily into the overall, so no need to wrestle into two separate pieces each time you head out into the cold for work. Granite Workwear has you covered for all your outdoor needs. When others retreat into their warm and cozy homes, you can gear up and head out into the ugliest conditions.

Pre-order yours today, £72.95 including VAT!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fantastic Bluetooth Safety Glasses

Safety glasses embody one of those contradictions in the workplace. You’re in trouble if you don’t wear them because of the safety issues, and you’re in trouble if you do wear them because they are relatively unattractive. With Venitex BBCOM Bluetooth Safety Glasses, you’ve found something unique in the world – a pair of safety glasses that effectively protect your eyes while being comfortable and attractive as well. In fact, with Bluetooth technology you may find so many uses for Venitex safety glasses that you will never want to take them off.

Venitex safety glasses fit snug to your head and feel like they’ll never let go, an important quality when you’re hands are full of material, wood chips and shrapnel. Flying debris could seriously hurt your eyes, considering how vulnerable eyes are in the workplace. You don’t have to worry about Venitex’s safety glasses coming off in the workplace, ever. Considering the handsome wrap-around design and electric blue colouring, you may not take they off anyway.The one thing you must make note of when looking at the Venitex BBCOM Bluetooth is the fact that they are Bluetooth enabled. That means you can communicate with others, even though the noise around you is very loud. Any you can download music files with the A2DP profile, making the work place a bearable place noise-wise. Gel earpieces attached to discrete wires from the safety glasses boughs make for effective transmission without putting your safety in jeopardy. They function both as earplugs and earphones.When it comes to the colour of the glasses, there are three lens tints to choose from: Clear for ordinary work conditions, smoke tint for sun glare and artificial light glare, and yellow for low lit work areas. The technology requires lithium battery power and two batteries come with the purchase price. The glasses include a recharging cord. A discrete LED also communicated the charging status of the glasses. An extra pair of silica gel is included.With Venitex BBCOM Bluetooth safety glasses from Granite Workwear you will enjoy comfort, style and functionality. The amazing Bluetooth technology makes the glasses unique, something you will realize when you use the technology. Bluetooth technology not only makes the workplace safer by increasing communication, but it also makes the workplace pleasant for the wearer. Venitex BBCOM Bluetooth has the answer to all your safety glasses needs today and in the future.

Our price for one pair of Venitex BBCOM Bluetooth safety glasses is £234 including VAT (£195 without).

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Granite Workwear Now Stocking Blundstone Boots, Australia's Number One Leisure Boots

There are boots then there are one of a kind boots that all of us would be proud to wear out and about. For those who are looking for these special boots, look no further than the Blundstone boot. This is a tough boot that anyone can wear and whether paired with a pair of jeans or shorts these boots are not only functional, but stylish.

In terms of fit, it is definitely snug and even after the boots have been worn constantly they still retain their sturdiness. This ensures that the feet and back always have the right kind of support as you go about your day to day business.

The one thing that will surely stand out in regards to the Blunderstone boots is the fact that even though the exterior is as tough as they come the interior is smooth and comfortable for the feet. This means that anyone can wear the shoes for long distance without feeling the discomfort that comes with most boots.

When it comes to the colour of the shoe, there are several tones that one can choose from so as to have a colour coordinated ensemble. However, to make it easier to select the right kind of colour combination it would be best to purchase both the brown and black Blunstone boot. This will ensure that regardless of the weather or the terrain there is a solid pair of boots on hand to match every outfit.

Aesthetics aside, these boots are as functional as boots come. For starters the grip these boots provide the wearer is exceptional. This will come to the fore whether you are taking a walk around town or hiking in the great outdoors.

In addition to this, the boots age gracefully. This means that whether you have just brought the shoes or have had them for years, they will still maintain that je ne se qui that comes with top notch boots.

With regards to the maintenance of the boots, this could not be simpler. This is because unlike most boots that are available in the market these ones do not have nooks and crevices, which are difficult to maintain. In short, if you are looking for one of a kind boots, that are built to last then Blundstone boots are definitely it.

Monday, 11 July 2011

A New Ladder for Any Job

To accomplish any job correctly and safely, you need to have the right equipment which can be found here at Granite Workwear

The great thing about some pieces of equipment is that they are right for a large number of jobs. Many of us have found ourselves trying to use ladders for any number of jobs around the house or yard for which they are just simply not suitable. Often we catch ourselves leaning small ladders into bushes, putting aluminium tips over the tops of window frames or even against glass. Who has not dared to think of stepping onto the top step of a short ladder even though the sticker warning us against this is staring us dead in the face?

Using the proper equipment can prevent falls and serious injury when it comes to working with heights. The proper equipment can be even more essential if you are dealing with paints or even power equipment that has fatal capabilities at larger heights. So put that wobbly ladder away for good and ease the mind of your boss or significant other by purchasing the Fruit Ladder Tripod. This is a wonderful product that has a great name. It is most suited for trimming greenery or performing any type of maintenance work in high to out of reach places. The product utilizes a tripod design that gives you the stability most ladders cannot offer. It is also suitable for use on any surface. It features clawed, anti-slip feet for use under any condition and this is a heart-warming feature when you are fifteen feet off the ground with electric hedge trimmers! If the clawed feet might do damage to any kind of sensitive surface that you are working on, then you can feel assured in knowing that it comes with free protective rubber guards, which are normally sold separately with any other conventional product of this nature that you would consider purchasing.

The ladder itself is constructed using an aluminium alloy that can hold up to 100 kg. safely. The convenience of the product is built right into the design. The back leg is adjustable for height differences and steps are double ringed for comfort. The ladder itself is lightweight to get the job done quickly without tiring you to the point of exhaustion. The wide base gives you stability beyond comparison and at a cost of only £105.00 you get a product that is sure to deliver a satisfactory performance again and again.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Quality Workwear

No matter what profession or trade that you are involved in, the first thing that everybody does before heading off to work in the morning is to get dressed in appropriate attire. Whether you are a business man looking for that smart professional look, or a construction worker who requires durable clothing that offers protection from the wear and tear of the building site and the elements, Granite Workwear is the place to find high quality goods at affordable prices.

The quality of Granite Workwears clothing and equipment can't be underestimated! With a twelve month guarantee on all purchases, you know that we are a company that has a great deal of pride and confidence in the products that we provide to all industries. The durablity of our workwear is so great that they can be industrially laundered at up to 90 degrees cellcius. Our protective workwear is also among the very best available on the market today.

Granite Workwear offers teflon coated, ergonomically designed knee pads to fit with the articulation of the knee, as well as other protective wear including the shoulders, head and feet. Low cost and extremely effective high visibilty clothing; from jackets with two way zips and high collars for additional protection from the wind and rain, to high-vis gloves, trousers and belts.

Granite Workwear is a comprehensive website that offers all types of workwear to protect against elements, help you dress classy as needs be, and provides accessories to help you stay comfortable at work.
Besides providing all sorts of clothing for different occupations that work in harsh conditions, and also provides business attire for the every day businessman. They have a wide selection of high quality, fashionable, and reasonably priced polo shirts, trousers, jackets, hats and bags. Check out the website now!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Flexothane Agro Spray

These days a lot of farmers still protect themselves with polyester cotton or cotton overalls when spraying. For some low risk chemicals such as highly water diluted applications, this is believed to be sufficient. Unbelievably, there are no specific European EN standards for protective clothing for operators applying pesticides or insecticides. Some member states have developed their own approach to this issue and there is a draft ISO standard (ISO/DIS 27065 which is under discussion with the CEN).
Materials Safety Data Sheets for crop protection chemicals rarely go any further than stating that ‘Appropriate PPE must be selected’.

Think about this..........
During operations such as pouring , loading and mixing, you will come into contact with the concentrated formulations of sometimes very aggressive and / or toxic pesticides. Do you want your offspring to be limited to playing the banjo in the Everglades?

The Sioen Agro Spray protection range has been specifically designed for the agricultural and horticultural industries. It is also suitable for local and regional authorities for verge spraying and parks departments etc. Sioen are the European specialists when it comes to protective workwear clothing. The efforts that they have made since the introduction of the 89/686/EC directive has proven that the protective workwear clothing that they have developed for the agricultural market is ‘fit for purpose’ and amply fulfills the requirements of the ISO/DIS document.

The Agro Spray range is based on Flexothane Classic which is certified to EN 14065.
In addition to this it has been tested as specified in the normative part of DIN 32781;2007 against the aqueous reference formulations for the following parameters and no penetration was detected:-

(SC) Suspension Concentrate.
(WG) Water dispersable granules.
(EC) Emulsifiable Concentrates.
(SC) Soluble Concentrate.
(EW) Emulsions – Oil in water.

This may all sound a little too European Parliament speak. The gist of this is that it is a belt and braces approach which is essential where protection from herbicides and pesticides are concerned.

The Agro Spray range has also been thoughtfully designed to include bib and brace overalls which have the new Flexothane 3D (for 3 dimensional) fabric making up additional protection on the legs below the knees. This significantly improves the mechanical and breaking strength as well as the abrasion resistance. At the same time it also offers additional shock absorbtion or ballistic protection. Ideal when you are spraying over rough ground knee high in thistles.
The range also includes an Agro Spray jacket with hood and extended back and a Agro Spray bib brace overall without the 3D protection on the lower legs. All-in-all, an excellent solution to a problem that, unfortunately, a lot of people do not realise exists.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Flexothane Waterproof Workwear

It’s always been complicated to find water-proof garments which can be appropriate for outdoor work. This may possibly seem to be an unusual point to make, however the great majority of waterproof clothing utilised by those that work outside for a job, were only actually developed in order to keep out water, they were certainly not developed to work in. Many outdoor employees discover that these types of clothes are too unpleasant, heavy or rigid and not actually strong enough with regard to the actual job many people have to perform. Modern day production methods and high-tech materials provide solutions for this particular age-old dilemma.

is a polyurethane membrane layer, transfer coated on top of a knitted polyamide support (the exact same fibres which stop a chainsaw). This is actually a material that ended up being initially created for use in armed forces applications. The high manufacturing standards of Flexothane along with its exceptional properties is today providing huge advantages in the outdoor work place. Flexothane, which isn't a woven fabric, is completely waterproof. It's appropriateness for work is actually improved by the exceptional flexibility of the material. As much as 150% extension enables wonderful freedom of movement, without placing unnecessary tension on the seams. The fabric is actually permeable, and even though it doesn't breathe at the very same standard as a number of the more costly mountain climbing waterproofs, it's completely satisfactory for the work place. Undesirable weather conditions especially extreme cold leads to many waterproof garments to crack. Uv light, that degrades a number of waterproof garments, does not have any effect on Flexothane and even though the actual material is extremely light-weight, it is very durable. Flexothane maintains its soft flexible qualities even at sub zero temperatures, and has no negative effects right down to - 40 degrees centigrade. It's not possible to get those lengthy "L" shaped tears associated with woven fabrics and should you end up being unfortunate enough to pierce the fabric on anything like barbed wire. It is actually really easy to repair. Flexothane is resistant to oils as well as hydrocarbons, is machine washable and may also be dry cleaned. An additional feature is the application of a bio-proof anti-fungicidal agent. This will help to counteract the nasty smells usually associated with waterproofs, that have been put away without airing. This promotes mildew and mould to develop and in a comparatively small amount of time the smells become obvious. The Bio-proof treatment method typically lasts about fifty washes, which usually should be about the same period as the life of the garment.

Garments made from Flexothane have all been crafted specifically with the outdoor worker in mind. It complies with the European standard EN 343, is an exceptionally high standard for waterproof clothing. The clothes are cut generously in order to allow optimum freedom of movement and yet still maintain shape and style. All Flexothane garments have high frequency welded seams in order to provide the perfect defence against leaking. A variety of jackets as well as trousers and bib and brace overalls and thermal overalls are available and may be found in a number of designs, sizes from small to XXXL, and colours that include Olive, Navy Blue, Yellow and Orange, all at prices that are remarkably affordable. In general, Flexothane is really a waterproof you should think about. Don’t wait until the next time you are getting wet.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Safety eyewear:

Eyesight safety provision as well as wearing is a requirement under the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations.

Eyesight Protection
needs to be employed around dangerous environments wherever there is actually a danger regarding projectiles harming the eyes.

Our own selection of Bolle and Peltor Safety Glasses fulfils the requirements associated with EN166, the European Norm with regard to Industrial Eye Protection. This not simply incorporates requirements with regard to liquids, airborne dirt and dust and molten metal protection but additionally impact performance with all of our Bolle and Peltor Safety Glasses ideal for withstanding low energy impact.

Bolle and Peltor Safety Glasses are only able to be offered as low energy impact eye protection. This is primarily because Safety Glasses sit on the wearer’s nose where almost all impact energy needs to be absorbed.

If greater impacts are anticipated then Safety Goggles as well as Safety Face shields will have to be considered.

Bolle Safety Glasses marked EN166 1F satisfy this particular requirement and are also optically correct consequently they might be worn for many hours with no danger associated with headaches.

Prior to you buying the kind of Safety Eyewear you need you'll want to initially think about the kind of hazard being encountered and the ideal type of eye protection suitable for that hazard.

Types of hazard:

Mechanical - Flying particles, airborne dirt and dust or even molten metal.

Chemical - Gases, fumes or perhaps liquid splash.

Radiation - Temperature (Infra-red), uv light or even glare.

Laserlight - Over a broad spectrum of wavelengths from Uv to Infra-red.

Category of eye protection:

Safety Glasses - Comfortable and offered in a number of designs are not going to keep out airborne debris, gas or even molten metal. Bolle designs are obtainable with prescription lenses.

Safety Goggles - Can offer protection for all those forms of hazards. May possibly be put on over spectacles.

Safety Face Shield - Protects the face area along with the eyes nonetheless will not keep out airborne dirt and dust or even gas. Comfortable to make use of for lengthy periods.

In cases where high-impact is anticipated then Safety Goggles or even Safety Face shields will be much more suitable as they distribute the actual force associated with the impact across the face instead of the nose which happens to be exactly what our Bolle and Peltor Safety Glasses accomplish.

Different shades of lenses are available for specialist sectors including Foundries, Glass working as well as with Welding. Bolle also have a comprehensive and high quality range of welding masks for this purpose.

Various lens shades may also improve eyesight with regard to jobs such as examination or low light conditions.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Flexothane: A fabric which is as useful now as it was 25 years ago.

Flexothane is the consequence of many years of research and development in textile technology. It is a polyurethane coating on top of a knitted base fabric.

This is a technical fabric that promises you excellent protection. The polyurethane coating on a stretchable (approximately 150%) knitted base helps make it waterproof and windproof, noiseless and highly tear resistant.

The garment seams are welded and stitched. The material, produced by SIOEN in Belgium, is high frequency (HF) welded to guarantee the water proofing of all seams.
The knitted fabric is breathable and absorbs perspiration avoiding that clammy feeling. Your whole body stays dry plus the temperature is regulated.

Strong, supple, light and noiseless. Flexothane is resilient to rough handling and foul weather. Garments produced from Flexothane are durable and easy care.

Machine washable, it is extremely resistant against various types of oil derivates, fuel, diesel, grease etc. plus the smooth outside PU coated surface can be quite easily wiped clean.

Flexothane Kleen is washable at 95°C, without losing its original shape. You don’t need to bother about getting dirty!

When laundering there should be no treatment with chlorine, and no dry cleaning, ironing or tumble drying.

Before the introduction of Flexothane, waterproof garments were often heavy, cumbersome, uncomfortable, as well as hard to maintain.

For more than two-and-a-half decades now, Flexothane continues to offer high degrees of protection and comfort. It is actually specially engineered to form a durable, impenetrable barrier against water and wind, while retaining an advanced level of wearer comfort.

A Flexothane garment is usually recognised on account of durable Flexothane press studs along with a recognisable heat-transfer label. A Flexothane stamp on the inside of the garment including a colourful hangtag and a Flexothane label will also confirm its provenance.

The main two types of Flexothane for the mass market are ‘Essential’ which is good for domestic and occasional work use, and ‘Classic’ which is a heavier weight and significantly more durable. Used extensively in the agricultural industry from lambing to chemical spraying it is largely the fabric / brand of first choice.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pulsarail products

Lots of new items feeding through on the development side later in the year – just in time for the next big freeze! Our range of Pulsar and Pulsarail high vis clothing has sold exceptionally well this last year. Cotton and polyester yarn prices have hit record highs which have impacted strongly on the raw fabric price. This has been controlled very well and we have seen minimal increases reaching the retail side. So much so that the cheeper end of the competition has not had the success in controlling their costs. This has resulted in a significant closing of prices between the cheep and nasty side of the supply chain and our own range of Pulsar and Pulsarail. Several of the corporate contracts that we are supplying have been commenting on this and have made the step up in quality by purchasing our own plain, embroidered and printed High Vis range.

The availability of Cotton has been significantly reduced by the floods in Pakistan (a second year of cotton crop failure), flooding in Australia, drought in central and northern China so we anticipate more increases in cotton prices up to the third quarter of the year. I am sure that I don’t have to remind anyone of the oil price increases over the last few months. This has and will continue to impact adversely on synthetic yarn prices such as polyester, nylon and some of the more exotic yarns now being produced. So not a rosy outlook.

However, this has impacted on our business in an unexpected way. As the cheeper end has to pay significantly more for its basic raw materials as they have become scarce and it has enabled the gap to close between the better end products on the market as the gap between well produced fabric and the ‘never mind the quality – feel the width’ type has closed significantly. The main difference in the cost price of the garments now being the superior make-up, components and finishes that are applied. If a comparative review was applied to the cheeper end versus the Pulsar and Pulsarail range regarding the ‘life cost’ of a garment I for one am convinced that whilst in the past, our ranges have always offered better value for money, I am absoloutely sure that to stick to the cheepest available in the market just to squeeze into a budget would be absoloute madness. The range specifically designed for rail clothing GO/RT3279 certified and for highways and construction in our opinion, offers the best value for money in the marketplace.

Lots more new goodies in the range come August / September to keep you nice and warm and comfortable – and seen!

Watch this space for announcements as they complete their testing and certification.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Noise at Work: the need for Hearing Protection.

Research shows that more than one million employees in Great Britain are exposed to levels of noise that put their hearing at risk. The louder the noise, the more damage it can cause, and may even create long term damage to our senses.
A lot of us are exposed to noise in the workplace, ranging from a construction or engineering worker surrounded by loud equipment, to a shop assistant in a store with background music. What has to be addressed is what makes noise in a workplace a danger and what measures are to be taken to reduce the risk of exposure, in turn preventing long term damage to the employees.
When does noise start to present a serious hazard? Put simply, if someone has difficulty in hearing another person talking, or has to shout to be understood at a distance of one or two metres, it’s likely that the noise levels are in the danger zone.
The risk to hearing is permanent damage, and how quickly the damage displays itself is down to the nature of the exposure to noise. For example, exposures over a long period of time can cause hearing loss progressively. In contrast, some damage can be caused immediately when exposed to peak sound waves produced by highly percussive sounds.
As with all risks the obligation of the employer is to ensure that all efforts have been made to protect staff and visitors at risk from noise in the workplace.
Employers must first try to eliminate or reduce exposure to noise by means other than hearing protection we should always consider making the workplace safe before we start to look at hanging pieces of safety equipment on to the workforce. PPE should be a last resort and should be selected carefully and correctly.
a). Provide hearing protection to everyone exposed, and ensure it is used.
b). Identify Hearing Protection Zones with signs to show where hearing protection must be
c). Provide information, instruction and training on how to use and take care of hearing
d). Make sure that hearing protection is properly maintained.

Ensuring that the right type of hearing protection complying to the EN352 standards is used is vital in the process. There are two main types - those which cover the ear and those which are inserted into the ear.

Environmental Noise.

Normal conversation (3-5') 60-70dB
Telephone dial tone 80dB
City Traffic (inside car) 85dB
Lorry Traffic 90dB
Underground train 95dB
Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss 90 - 95dB
Motorbike 100dB
Power mower 107dB
Chain saw 110dB
Sandblasting, Loud Rock Concert 115dB
Pain begins 125dB
Pneumatic riveter 125dB
Even short term exposure can cause permanent damage -

Loudest recommended exposure WITH hearing protection 140dB
Jet engine / Gun Blast 140dB
Death of hearing tissue 180dB
Loudest sound possible 194dB

Granite Workwear has a comprehensive range of Hearing Protection products from Earplugs to Ear Defenders.
Look after your ears – it is very inexpensive.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

High Vis Garments

High Vis Garments

Annually over 60 people are killed and 2000 seriously injured in accidents resulting from pedestrians being struck by moving plant e.g. forklifts or reversing lorries, mostly the drivers being unaware of the presence or movements of pedestrians close by.

To help reduce this risk and possible litigation the use of, high visibility clothing that complies to the EN471 Standard to improve the visibility of pedestrians is required
The HSE regulations state the employer is legally responsible for the health and safety of employees and visitors on site. Where the working situation requires a person to wear High Vis, the employer is legally bound to supply, free-of-charge, a garment that complies with the European Standard EN471. In the event of an accident, if the employer is found to have been negligent, they are at risk of prosecution, resulting in heavy fines, bad publicity and poor workplace morale.
Best practice for the health and safety of employees and visitors on site, requires assessment of delivery, collection and other vehicle movement risks and then reducing them as far as reasonably practicable.
In ideal circumstances pedestrians and vehicles should be kept separate at all times. However this is not always practicable particularly where workers are required in loading/unloading areas or on construction sites. In terms of safety procedures, employees and site visitors should always use personal protective equipment as a last resort or when it is the only means of protection.
Workplace transport is the second biggest cause of fatal accidents and the third biggest cause of major injuries in the British workplace. However employers and employees often do not recognise that vehicle activities need to be properly managed to ensure a safe workplace, that is until an accident has happened.
High Vis clothing is a simple, cost-effective way to improve the visibility of people at all hours and weather conditions. The fluorescent background material of a
High Vis garment provides daytime visibility while the retroreflective bands around the chest, arms or legs of garments provides reflectivity during night-time and low light conditions.
Granite Workwear has a large range of High Vis garments compliant to EN471 and GO/RT 3279 standards (UK Railways), also Traffic Management Garments that comply with the Street Works Acts requirements.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Choosing your Safety Footwear

Often people are unhappy with wearing Safety Footwear because they have a perception of inadequate comfort, little cushioning abilities or high and weight.

Granite Workwear have a large range of different types of Safety Footwear for every eventuality and we believe that you will be able to find comfortable and practical footwear that will serve you well and keep you safe.

There are three levels of protection in footwear depending on the risk.

1) Occupational footwear (EN ISO 20347) doesn’t need a toe cap; there are no requirements for any impact and compression tests.
2) Protective footwear (EN ISO 20346) is equipped with a toe cap and has to pass impact and compression tests of the toe region when tested with the lower loads. Impact protection of 100 Joules is mandatory.
3) Safety footwear (EN ISO 20345) is equipped with a toe cap and has to pass impact and compression tests of the toe region with higher loads. Impact protection of 200 Joules is mandatory.

There are special standards required for Chainsaw Protection EN ISO 17249.

In buying your safety footwear, you might deal with making a choice between a shoe and a boot. But no matter which type of safety footwear you plan to buy and irrespective of the amount of money you are willing to spend, the most important factor in choosing your safety footwear, is the manner in which your feet fits inside them. Unlike ordinary footwear they should last for a long time and you will be wearing them for lengthy periods. Therefore you have to choose what you think is the best and most comfortable pair for you.

The problem with safety shoes is that they are harder and they may seem inflexible unlike ordinary leather shoes. This is generally overcome with the use of a flexible midsole as opposed to a steel midsole. So some people tend to buy safety shoes that are a little oversized to give more room for the feet. Oversized shoes can cause injuries like sprains and even bone fractures. You may find the need to wear a pair of thick socks to ensure the best comfort.
It is generally good advice to pay a little more for a pair of good quality safety boots / shoes. Generally worn for at least eight hours a day a pair of uncomfortable or inflexible safety boots can cause excessive tiredness which in itself leads to accidents.

Also ensure that the footwear is maintained in a good condition a regular application of Chelsea leather food available from our website is recommended.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

GO/RT 3279 Standard for Railway High Vis

Railway tracks are in need of regular maintenance and it would be too disruptive if lines had to be closed whilst carrying out routine maintenance tasks.

Trains cannot stop in short distances and certainly cannot take avoiding actiion, but if the drivers can see the people working at a good distance they can be warned by the use of the horn. Therefore it is important that the workers are visible from as far away as possible.

On the UK railway networks it is therefore a mandatory requirement for all people working on the track or lineside to wear High Vis workwear as part of their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

This workwear is fluorescent Orange in colour and has the addition of retroreflective stripes incorporated in the manufacture.

The standard that applies to this is a special one; GO/RT 3279:2008 which takes it basis from the European standard EN 471:2003. It requires garments to meet at least class 2 (the mid-point of a 3-class scale) of EN 471 for the minimum area of high visibility materials used within a garment In the case of retroreflective material standards it again draws on EN 471:2003 and specifies materials for use that meet the highest level of photometric performance criteria specified within the standard.
GO/RT 3279 also defines the requirements for a high visibility mini-vest. These are required to conform to class 1 design requirements of EN 471:2003, but with a larger minimum area of the orange background material and higher photometric levels for the retroreflective tape used in the garment.

Granite Workwear carries a comprehensive range of items meeting this standard from the well known Pulsarail Brand.

Breathability and waterproof standards are an important factor in attaining GO/RT 3279 certification.

When selecting clothing to meet these standards it is important that certification is made available if required as some unscrupulous suppliers pass off goods as if to meet this standard.

An additional point to look for when seeking a supplier is that they are an Achilles audited supplier. This is not mandatory but does offer a further level of ‘comfort’ knowing that the supplier has gone the extra mile to ensure compliance.

To view our full range of Railway High Vis Clothing Click Here

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Choosing Workwear; Price or Quality?

Whether buying for yourself, or as a corporate buyer, there is always a decision to be made when buying workwear. Do you choose price as your determining factor or quality? These decisions are particularly appropriate in the financial situation that we all face at this time.

In fact you really need to research the market, you can find reasonably priced garments that are of appropriate quality, and you can also too often find expensive fashion orientated garments that whilst looking good in fact do not have a durable life in actual use.
Whether buying for yourself, or as a corporate buyer, there is always a decision to be made when buying workwear. Do you choose price as your determining factor or quality? These decisions are particularly appropriate in the financial situation that we all face at this time.

In fact you really need to research the market, you can find reasonably priced garments that are of appropriate quality, and you can also too often find expensive fashion orientated garments that whilst looking good in fact do not have a durable life in actual use.

Make sure that you know exactly what it is you are looking for and how you want it to perform.

If you need a garment to last a long time with many washes, then normally a slightly higher priced item will have a longer service life, mainly because the material quality, which in fact makes up over 70% of the cost of a garment, will be better able to withstand wear and tear and high temperature washing. Check the detail on the care instructions is always a good tip.

It is important that you know exactly what it is you need. In some cases the articles must comply with regulatory standards as is the case particularly in High Vis and other PPE items. Even then you have to be sure that the claims made by the supplier or manufacturer are fact; the items should be marked clearly as to their compliance to the Standards and the supplier should be willing to supply any data ./ certification required to show that is the case.

At Granite Workwear, we take great pride that we offer a good value workwear product at a sensible price, have passed extensive wearer trials and statutory tests with the proof of this available, are totally fit for purpose and most importantly offer good value for money.

In the 19th Century, John Ruskin made a statement that is as true today as it was 150 years ago. Think of this when you look at our workwear, safety and PPE products.

‘There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey. It is unwise to pay too much, but it is also unwise to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money, that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought is incapable of doing the thing you bought it to do.The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. It can’t, be done.If you deal with the lowest bidder it is well to add something for the risk you run.And if you can do that you would have enough to pay for something better.’

Monday, 10 January 2011

Employers responsibility for High Vis Clothing.

The following advice is provided by the Health and Safety Executive to Employers regarding their responsibilities in regard to the supply and use of High Vis clothing:-

Storage Facilities must be provided for the clothing when not in use.

Adequate information must be provided along with training and instruction to ensure that employees use High Vis clothing correctly – This should include the explanation of why it is needed, what the risks are and how and when it should be worn.

Employees should be supervised to ensure that the clothing is actually worn and used correctly – whenever it is needed.

The employer must ensure that the High Vis clothing is maintained in a clean state and be in working order. Dirty, oily or greasy high vis garments may give the wearer a false impression of how well they can be seen and in itself could lead to accidents.

If an employee may be exposed to significant risks to their safety whilst at work then it is the employers responsibility to provide clothing free of charge to that employee. Some businesses provide funding to the employee to purchase their own High Vis garments. You must ensure, however, that the correct garments are purchased that comply with the relevant EN or GO/RT3279 standard. If you are unsure that they comply then request to view the garment test report from the supplier. Testing is expensive and suppliers / manufacturers are usually only too pleased to prove that they have jumped through all of the hoops to provice a correctly certified garment. There are garments on the market that do not comply – be aware.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Granite Workwear exhibiting at LAMMA 2011 for the 5th Year.

The 30th LAMMA agricultural machinery show takes place at the Newark and Nottinghamshire Showground, Winthorpe Newark NG24 2NY this year on Wednesday & Thursday 19th – 20th January. A major show in the farming calender for both UK and overseas farmers. At around 700 exhibitors it is one of Europes major agricultural events showcasing equipment for the smallholder up to the largest estates. 30 Years ago it was free to attend and cheap to exhibit and it soon became a place of pilgrimage for all those who love their farm machinery.

Granite Workwear Ltd has been exhibiting for the past 5 years and has a healthy relationship supplying the farming industry having grown out of the original business of free range outdoor reared pork and free range eggs. This year we have increased the stand space (Hall 2 / Stand 222) yet again to cope with demand and will be offering several ‘Show Specials’ despite the recent rise in VAT.

The show is one of few that can honestly profess to have the its visitor at heart. Free parking and Free entry have been maintained yet again. Making this an excellent day out and a show not to be missed. It’s not all about big arable kit. There’s a strong turnout of livestock equipment manufacturers as well as firms that repair and refurbish equipment.

Granite Workwear will be offering our comprehensive range of high quality PPE, High Vis, Safety Boots, Muck Boots, and Overalls and will have a complete range of Thermals to combat the recent weather conditions.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Maintenance of chainsaw clothing

The wearing of chainsaw protective clothing is a legal requirement in many instances.

A report published in the Journal of Forest Engineering in New Zealand concluded that "chainsaw garments which were exposed to even the smallest amount of oil, comprehensively failed cut tests".
Chainsaw clothing must be washed regularly to maintain their protective properties.

Check the label first to see if they can be machine washed and follow the HLCC (wash instructions) to the letter. Remove as much oil and dirt as possible from the surface your trousers or jacket with a light washing detergent. The hotter the wash the better the result you will get but check the label, some garments can only be washed at 40 degrees and some can be washed at 60. After washing, can you spin dry? Check the label, this may affect the blocking material.

Heat has a detrimental effect to the blocking fibres ability to stop a saw chain. If you have burned your trousers, throw them away, they will not give you adequate protection.
Exhaust gasses from chainsaws occasionally burn, scorch or melt the outer fabric and this can have a significant effect on the blocking fibres beneath. Do not take unnecessary risks they will not give you the protection you require.

Should you tear the outer fabric on your garment you are allowed to repair it but you must ensure that you do not interfere with the protective blocking material. Do not sew a patch onto the garment with the thread holding the blocking fibres. Patches should be hand stitched to the outer fabric only. If you stitch in the blocking material you can significantly affect its ability to stop the saw.

The CE standard states that:-
"No personal protective equipment can ensure 100% protection against cutting from a hand-held chain saw".
In the majority of accidents, well-maintained garments will stop the saw. If there is a cut through the garment there will be a significant reduction in the injury. Occasionally when a kick back occurs, the garment stops the rotation of the saw, but the impact forces the teeth through the blocking material giving puncture wounds. No garment can protect from this.

It would be wise to keep a couple of packets of Celox material – one in the trouser and one in the truck to ensure that any deep cuts can be treated effectively.