Sunday, 30 December 2012

Get Ready For A Warm Winter With Granite Workwear

This month stay warm whilst working with Granite’s collection of thermal wear from Xcelcius. Our next to skin thermal garments will take the chill away when working on outside projects or in cold environments.Within our collection we stock a wide range of thermal underwear, balaclavas, hats and gloves from as little as £1.75.

Xcelsius Supertherm Knitted Hat XST16

Keep your head warm in the freezing temperatures this winter with our Xcelsius Supertherm Knitted hat, specifically designed to keep you warm even if the temperature drops down to minus 5° Celsius. Made from blended viloft fibres with polyester, viloft is made from wood pulp which increases thermal performance. The natural wicking properties in the viloft will keep your skin dry and warm, which is ideal for aerobic activities and outdoor sports.

Xcelcius Thermal Underwear Long Sleeve Top XPV01

The Xcelcius Thermal Underwear Long Sleeve Top will feel like a second skin as it’s made out of blended soft viscose and polyester. This fabric is also very light and comfortable, so it’s suitable for wearing at work all day. You can wear this thermal top under any garment as its ideal for providing a performance layered base for everyday use. Not only can this garment be washed without losing its shape but it is also suitable for temperatures down to -5° Celsius.

Xcelcius Thermal Underwear Long Pants XPV03

The Xcelcius Thermal Underwear Long Pants transports moisture away from the skin through the fabric by the capillary action of the fibre, which allows you to stay warm throughout the day. This style of pant has a modern cut and fit so you can easily slip your trousers on over the top. Made from blended soft viscose and polyester, this garment is suitable for temperatures down to -5° Celsius.

Our complete collection of affordable thermal clothing will keep you protected and safe throughout winter. For the use in the most demanding conditions view our full product collection at Granite Workwear online or get in touch by calling us on 0115 964 0111.