Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Have You Ordered Your Waterproof Onesies For Christmas?

We have had some additions to the family since last year and all of them are proving to be very popular.

The traditional Flexothane overalls are selling as well now as they were 5 years ago. Built to last and as waterproof as you are likely to get.

The 5616 Thermal high vis version is still a favourite for wind farm operatives, outdoor stockyard and fork lift drivers. Offering superb all-round protection during the winter months.

Sales of the PR505 Rail approved overalls have already hit last winters’ total sales as word gets around regarding their value and versatility. The zip-in Thinsulate liner has made these a year-round favourite.

The three new additions are all being trialled with major users and feedback has been very positive:

440 Cabin thermal High vis waterproof overalls. These offer an alternative to the uber-waterproof 5616 Flexothane. The main benefit being improved breathability. These have been tested at a major airport where the 5616 have been used for pressure-washing and the 440 Cabin have been used for more aerobic activities. These are available in Yellow and Orange high vis.

So you don’t need the thermal properties of the 440 Cabin then the 6453 Tanner are ideal. If you don’t like your overalls thermally lined but lightweight and are happy to wear a thermal base layer then these waterproof overalls are perfect and will serve you all year round.

And if high vis is not necessary then the 441Mills Thermal waterproof overalls are just the job. Would suit any occupation where fluorescent high vis would not be wanted such as farming, veterinary practices etc. Anywhere where animal husbandry is involved. The muted grey colours are broken with retro-reflective tape that it will get you noticed but not alert the livestock.

And finally, our best-selling non high vis overalls from Baleno. Their Arctic overalls. Incredibly good value at £ 49.95. We supplied the RAF last winter with these for their groundstaff and transport sections.

So, no need to get cold and wet this winter. Invest in some decent Workwear – you are in it 8 hours a day so make it work for you.

Granite Workwear. We only do the good stuff.

Monday, 16 December 2013

So Just How Many Balaclavas Can You Have?

With the forecast set to turn a bit nippy over the next few weeks, just how well are you kitted out to keep the worst of the cold and wind away?

If you thought that there was just one balaclava then you haven’t been doing your homework.

Our best seller was designed for rail use, having been certified for GO/RT3275 rail standard. The XUT30 is made from a fine-knit dual layer poly-viloft – the most traditional of thermal knitted fabrics, with mesh ear pieces to aid communication. Suitable for temperatures down to -20° Celsius. A seriously good investment at £9.45.

If it’s just to keep off the worst of the weather then go for the XUT14. Ideal for temperatures down to -5° Celsius and a steal at £7.95.

For those pyromaniacs amongst you then the FR rated XFRC14 Protex/cotton is excellent value at £9.95. Very popular for offshore oil.

If you are particularly concerned about getting struck by lightning then the XFRASC14 Electric Arc rated FR Balaclava (which is also anti-static) is likely to float your boat at £ 12.95. Maximum protection at minimum cost.

Strictly speaking the following two helmet liners are not balaclavas but do tick almost all of the boxes if you had to describe them. Balaclavas were originally designed and made for the British troops in the Crimea war. I love the Wikipedia description: During the Crimean War, knitted balaclavas were sent over to the British troops to help protect them from the bitter cold weather. British troops required this aid, as their own supplies (warm clothing, weatherproof quarters, and food) never arrived in time. So no change there then!

I am sure if thermal insulation, hook & loop fastening and a structure to allow them to be fitted into helmets were available then the balaclava may never have been invented. However, not sure if the troops would have appreciated the high vis orange colouring and reflective tape. Ideal for all high vis applications and meeting the requirements of GO/RT3279 rail standard the JSP thermal helmet liners will keep you as snug as a bug at £ 13.95.

If these are a little too over-engineered for your liking than our standard Thinsulate helmet liners are exceptionally well priced at £ 7.95.

You will probably realise that most of the heat generated by the body by area  is lost through the head. So why do we not cover it up effectively and very inexpensively in cold weather?

For those of you that don’t like to be noticed you may want to select something from our ‘Country Clothing’ section.

Noiseless, breathable and waterproof you will resemble Nearly Headless Nick when walking through the woods or bird spotting.

Granite Workwear – we only sell the good stuff.