Friday, 27 March 2009

Eye Protection a Must

Thousands of eye injuries occur every year in the UK ranging from minor, which may result in a few days off work, to major, resulting in the loss of an eye.
The use of proper eyewear, guards against flying particles, chemicals, burns and with the cost of compensation for the loss of sight in one eye averaging £100,000 and the loss of working days in lesser cases there is an obvious cost if the right equipment is not used.

However it is not just about cost; the welfare of workers should be uppermost in employers’ minds. In the case of individuals who are performing DIY or sports they should be thinking about the impact on their and their family’s lives of damaging their eyes.The Health and Safety Executive make it clear that companies have a legal duty of care to train and protect their employees and visitors against occupational risk. It is their responsibility to ensure that the proper PPE eyewear is used at all times. It used to be that only people actually involved in the use of tools or operating machinery had to wear eye protection, now anybody passing through a work area or construction site has to be protected.
Often the employees do not like to wear PPE items and in particular eyewear, as they find it restricting and uncomfortable but suppliers are conscious of this and are developing new products that are comfortable and fit properly so that maximum protection is afforded.

Particularly in the case of eyewear, fit is essential and the cost and logistics of stocking many different sizes at a company has now been addressed by the production of adjustable eyewear that fits a number of sizes and shapes of face. The eyewear is also much lighter and gives distortion free vision. There have also been big advances in non-mist and scratch resistance and many offer various levels of UV protection along with polarisation to cut glare particularly when working near water. In the past one of the reasons that people did not like to wear safety eyewear was that it looked unfashionable, this has now changed with the design of trendy and sporty looking products often following high-street fashion trends.

At Granite Workwear you will find a comprehensive range of eye protection items. Even the Peltor Maxim Air Seal which can double as goggles or the more traditional glasses but with the eye completely sealed. These come with three interchangeable ballistic lenses, smoke for high light levels, yellow for low light levels and clear.

We are finding that they are being used by a very diverse range of customers from people who are susceptible to eye infections to drivers of vintage vehicles. A bee in your eye at 70mph must be a very alarming experience!