Friday, 18 July 2008

Work Uniforms - Look Smart, Work Smart!

As signs of recession approach, how many companies have assessed how fit they are to weather the storm? It is interesting to note that Tie Rack has seen an unusual leap in sales. Could this be put down to employee concerns over job security? Several analysts think that this is the case. The last time that the tie was considered a fashion statement was back in the early seventies, paisley, kipper, pencil etc & etc.

Well, the employee has seen the light but what about the employers?

Harris Interactive Polling and J.D.Power & Associates have both produced data that shows that customers have more trust and confidence in employees that are in a work uniform. They also report that uniformed employees provide products and services that are perceived to be of higher quality.

However, let us not kid ourselves that an embroidered oxford shirt constitutes an extension of a well thought out corporate identity. There is far more to this than at first appears.

What about the benefits that the business receives from its employees in performance, self / company image and attitude. A well designed, functional corporate wardrobe can have a startlingly positive effect on employees which can translate into improved / service levels and stronger customer loyalty.

A poorly designed / quality wardrobe can turn the potential customer away and make the employee feel a complete lack of worth to the business.

Put yourself in the position of the customer. Would you trust or buy from someone who looked like a bag of spanners or would you trust someone that was dressed in smart workwear and had pride in their appearance – at the same time, projecting the company image?

It’s a no-brainer!

When selecting your company uniform / work wear supplier, asses their experience and look to see how you can incorporate safety items, PPE and functional fabrics to make a complete corporate image. supplies end users and distributors with a comprehensive range of only high quality and tested workwear, PPE and corporate clothing. We like to sleep at night knowing that our customers are going to be around after the recession.