Friday, 30 November 2012

Professional Unilite Torches at Granite

This month why not view our collection of the best high visibility technology touches by Unilite, a pro-safe approach to staying well lit and safe in working conditions.

With vast research into LED development and the drive to produce innovative designs Unilite has created products with breakthrough focus control, electronic dimming configuration and induction technology, alongside existing product developments in lenses, reflectors, micro-switches and industrial use of materials such as high strength co-polymer.

Unilite as a brand works hand in hand with Granites message of producing durable and well-designed products by using the highest possible specification components in all of their products.

At Granite we stock the Unilite PS-H range as well as the Unilite HV-H head torches which are impact resistant, waterproof and chemical resistant head torches.

Unilite PS-H1 Head torch

This Unilite head torch supports some truly outstanding features such an a scientific optical fraction lens, a beam range of 45 meters and a battery life of 8 hours and an emergency red flash function all for just £21.54.

Unilite PS-H5 Head torch
With two different power settings you can have this torch on for up to 36 hours! That’s not all, this product features infrared no touch on-off facility which is very useful when wearing working gloves, a beam range of 120 metres, and a 180 Lumen white CREE LED, costing only £47.94.

Unilite HV-H4 Head torch

The Unilite HV-H4 sports a collimator lens as well as a beam range of 85 meters, a battery life of 16 hours when on full power and a 165 Lumen white Luxeon LED. Priced at £42.00, this is a great head torch for working on railways and highways.

All of the head torches come with a free set of helmet clips which work well with any safety helmet such as the  Peltor G3000 or the Venitex Diamond V.

For the use in the most demanding conditions view our full product collection visit Granite Work wear online or get in touch by calling us on 0115 964 0111.