Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fantastic Bluetooth Safety Glasses

Safety glasses embody one of those contradictions in the workplace. You’re in trouble if you don’t wear them because of the safety issues, and you’re in trouble if you do wear them because they are relatively unattractive. With Venitex BBCOM Bluetooth Safety Glasses, you’ve found something unique in the world – a pair of safety glasses that effectively protect your eyes while being comfortable and attractive as well. In fact, with Bluetooth technology you may find so many uses for Venitex safety glasses that you will never want to take them off.

Venitex safety glasses fit snug to your head and feel like they’ll never let go, an important quality when you’re hands are full of material, wood chips and shrapnel. Flying debris could seriously hurt your eyes, considering how vulnerable eyes are in the workplace. You don’t have to worry about Venitex’s safety glasses coming off in the workplace, ever. Considering the handsome wrap-around design and electric blue colouring, you may not take they off anyway.The one thing you must make note of when looking at the Venitex BBCOM Bluetooth is the fact that they are Bluetooth enabled. That means you can communicate with others, even though the noise around you is very loud. Any you can download music files with the A2DP profile, making the work place a bearable place noise-wise. Gel earpieces attached to discrete wires from the safety glasses boughs make for effective transmission without putting your safety in jeopardy. They function both as earplugs and earphones.When it comes to the colour of the glasses, there are three lens tints to choose from: Clear for ordinary work conditions, smoke tint for sun glare and artificial light glare, and yellow for low lit work areas. The technology requires lithium battery power and two batteries come with the purchase price. The glasses include a recharging cord. A discrete LED also communicated the charging status of the glasses. An extra pair of silica gel is included.With Venitex BBCOM Bluetooth safety glasses from Granite Workwear you will enjoy comfort, style and functionality. The amazing Bluetooth technology makes the glasses unique, something you will realize when you use the technology. Bluetooth technology not only makes the workplace safer by increasing communication, but it also makes the workplace pleasant for the wearer. Venitex BBCOM Bluetooth has the answer to all your safety glasses needs today and in the future.

Our price for one pair of Venitex BBCOM Bluetooth safety glasses is £234 including VAT (£195 without).