Monday, 30 July 2012

How Important Is Comfort In Trainers?

With the summer time now here, more outdoor activities being done is called for, whether this is just going for a walk in the park, cycling or even just going for a walk round the town all this is sure to leave your feet hurting, unless you have really comfortable trainers, meaning that comfortable trainers almost become a necessity.

Luckily here at Granite Workwear we have just the thing in our special offers section of the webpage, these are trainers that are made by V-Tech both are very lightweight and breathable, providing decent comfort. You’ll see that the prices slashes on these trainers are as much as 38% off. So surely this is a win/win situation you get a decent quality pair of trainers that will keep you comfortable whilst you enjoy the wonders of the of the summer. However not only will these pair of trainers be useful in this situation, they will be useful in almost any situation especially when you have to travel far by foot so whether you are taking the dog for a walk or working on your feet all day, the V-Tech trainers will be the best value for money to get the job done.

With the V-Tech Aviation Non Metallic Safety Trainers costing just £39.95 which is almost 33% Off and the V-Tech Wing Non Metallic Safety Trainers costing £39.95 resulting in a massive 38% Off these are deals that surely have to be snapped up!

V tech trainer

V tech trainer 2

Monday, 23 July 2012

SPF Clothing For The Summer

Summer is officially here, that’s right we have come to the time of the year where everyone gets their summer boots on, now is the moment for everyone to get their summer clothing out, and relax in the sun. What better way to do that this year than to relax in the summer weather with a nice Pulsarail polo shirt that can also allow you to enjoy the sun!?

Come and enjoy our special offer, where you can get Pulsarail protective polo shirts from as little as £10 for short sleeve and just £14 for long sleeve.

The most important thing to keep in mind whilst enjoying the sun, is to stay protected from the UV rays, what some people don't realise is that these UV rays can even effect you when you are wearing clothes, especially when you bear in mind that over 7,000 cases of skin cancer are reported each year in the UK (29% of which prove fatal). This has led to increased popularity of SPF protective clothing wear, as people look to enjoy the joys of the blazing sun  in freedom.

However if you unfortunately unable to enjoy to sun because you are working out in the sun rather than out enjoying it then you might want to think about investing in some work wear that can protect you from the sun, because what’s worse than spending a whole day at work to come back and not be able to relax properly. What better clothing to invest in than the Pulsarail High-vis polo shirts to help keep your summer stress free.
High vis SPF shirt
High vis SPF Long sleeve shirt

Free Regatta Boot Bag at Granite

At Granite we believe that quality comes before expensive.  We don’t risk your safety in order to provide you with cheap deals, instead we use the best materials available and offer the best value for money.

Our latest deal of a free Regatta Boot Bag reflects our best value for money promise. With any purchase from our range of safety boots you will receive a high quality Regatta Boot Bag from us here at Granite.

The TRB07 Regatta Boot Bag is made of hard wearing 600 Denier Polyester which is durable for any of your working needs. The bag contains a zip opening, studded feet to protect the bottom surface of the bag, an internal baseboard and a webbing carry handle for ultimate comfort.

This exclusive offer includes the Goliath HM2001WSI Foundry safety boot which has quick release fasteners, a heat resistant sole that can withstand 300 degrees C and dual density shock absorbing rubber sole. For only £47.94 including VAT, this product will make sure you are in safe hands.

Another product included in our deal is the V-Tech Mohawk safety boot V1244 made of cowhide leather and comes with ankle support with impact protection. Priced at only £77.94 including VAT, this product is resistant to oil, acid, alkali and hydrocarbon.

This offer is exclusive to our range of safety boots, NOT our range of shoes or trainers. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.