Monday, 30 July 2012

How Important Is Comfort In Trainers?

With the summer time now here, more outdoor activities being done is called for, whether this is just going for a walk in the park, cycling or even just going for a walk round the town all this is sure to leave your feet hurting, unless you have really comfortable trainers, meaning that comfortable trainers almost become a necessity.

Luckily here at Granite Workwear we have just the thing in our special offers section of the webpage, these are trainers that are made by V-Tech both are very lightweight and breathable, providing decent comfort. You’ll see that the prices slashes on these trainers are as much as 38% off. So surely this is a win/win situation you get a decent quality pair of trainers that will keep you comfortable whilst you enjoy the wonders of the of the summer. However not only will these pair of trainers be useful in this situation, they will be useful in almost any situation especially when you have to travel far by foot so whether you are taking the dog for a walk or working on your feet all day, the V-Tech trainers will be the best value for money to get the job done.

With the V-Tech Aviation Non Metallic Safety Trainers costing just £39.95 which is almost 33% Off and the V-Tech Wing Non Metallic Safety Trainers costing £39.95 resulting in a massive 38% Off these are deals that surely have to be snapped up!

V tech trainer

V tech trainer 2

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