Sunday, 30 December 2012

Get Ready For A Warm Winter With Granite Workwear

This month stay warm whilst working with Granite’s collection of thermal wear from Xcelcius. Our next to skin thermal garments will take the chill away when working on outside projects or in cold environments.Within our collection we stock a wide range of thermal underwear, balaclavas, hats and gloves from as little as £1.75.

Xcelsius Supertherm Knitted Hat XST16

Keep your head warm in the freezing temperatures this winter with our Xcelsius Supertherm Knitted hat, specifically designed to keep you warm even if the temperature drops down to minus 5° Celsius. Made from blended viloft fibres with polyester, viloft is made from wood pulp which increases thermal performance. The natural wicking properties in the viloft will keep your skin dry and warm, which is ideal for aerobic activities and outdoor sports.

Xcelcius Thermal Underwear Long Sleeve Top XPV01

The Xcelcius Thermal Underwear Long Sleeve Top will feel like a second skin as it’s made out of blended soft viscose and polyester. This fabric is also very light and comfortable, so it’s suitable for wearing at work all day. You can wear this thermal top under any garment as its ideal for providing a performance layered base for everyday use. Not only can this garment be washed without losing its shape but it is also suitable for temperatures down to -5° Celsius.

Xcelcius Thermal Underwear Long Pants XPV03

The Xcelcius Thermal Underwear Long Pants transports moisture away from the skin through the fabric by the capillary action of the fibre, which allows you to stay warm throughout the day. This style of pant has a modern cut and fit so you can easily slip your trousers on over the top. Made from blended soft viscose and polyester, this garment is suitable for temperatures down to -5° Celsius.

Our complete collection of affordable thermal clothing will keep you protected and safe throughout winter. For the use in the most demanding conditions view our full product collection at Granite Workwear online or get in touch by calling us on 0115 964 0111.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Professional Unilite Torches at Granite

This month why not view our collection of the best high visibility technology touches by Unilite, a pro-safe approach to staying well lit and safe in working conditions.

With vast research into LED development and the drive to produce innovative designs Unilite has created products with breakthrough focus control, electronic dimming configuration and induction technology, alongside existing product developments in lenses, reflectors, micro-switches and industrial use of materials such as high strength co-polymer.

Unilite as a brand works hand in hand with Granites message of producing durable and well-designed products by using the highest possible specification components in all of their products.

At Granite we stock the Unilite PS-H range as well as the Unilite HV-H head torches which are impact resistant, waterproof and chemical resistant head torches.

Unilite PS-H1 Head torch

This Unilite head torch supports some truly outstanding features such an a scientific optical fraction lens, a beam range of 45 meters and a battery life of 8 hours and an emergency red flash function all for just £21.54.

Unilite PS-H5 Head torch
With two different power settings you can have this torch on for up to 36 hours! That’s not all, this product features infrared no touch on-off facility which is very useful when wearing working gloves, a beam range of 120 metres, and a 180 Lumen white CREE LED, costing only £47.94.

Unilite HV-H4 Head torch

The Unilite HV-H4 sports a collimator lens as well as a beam range of 85 meters, a battery life of 16 hours when on full power and a 165 Lumen white Luxeon LED. Priced at £42.00, this is a great head torch for working on railways and highways.

All of the head torches come with a free set of helmet clips which work well with any safety helmet such as the  Peltor G3000 or the Venitex Diamond V.

For the use in the most demanding conditions view our full product collection visit Granite Work wear online or get in touch by calling us on 0115 964 0111.

Friday, 5 October 2012

New for October- A new and well developed range of Rock Fall Safety Footwear

At Granite this month we are extending our safety footwear collection to include the addition of a new range of Rock Fall Safety boots.

This range of lightweight safety footwear, all with composite toe caps and midsoles, is perfect for working on rail projects, civils and quarrying. Keep your feet safe and put less stress on your lower back – you will be a lot fresher at the end of a hard day.

The Rock Fall ‘Flint'

Now in stock is the Rock Fall ‘Flint’, with a lightweight composite toecap and anti-penetration protective midsole. For just £42.95, the ‘Flint’ provides excellent value for money – this water resistant safety boot is ideal for walking on ballast with its shock absorbing footbed making it the perfect footwear for the rail industry and ground works.

The Rock Fall ‘Titanium’

Later throughout this month you will be able to order the ‘Titanium’ and ‘Alaska’ Rock Fall safety footwear. The ‘Titanium’ safety boot is waterproof and features R-Ten abrasion resistant stitching thread and a lightweight composite toe cap and midsole. Perfect for the rail industry, utilities, civils, quarries and highways, this product is priced at just £59.95.

The Rock Fall 'Alaska'

The lightweight ‘Alaska’ Rock Fall safety boot has a temperature operating range of between –40°c to +300°c, as well as featuring Thinsulate© B600 thermal lining and a slip resistant rubber sole. Only £59.95 these boots are perfect for when the temperatures really drop.

For the use in the most demanding conditions, Rock Fall safety footwear will endure the toughest of situations, to view our full product collection visit Granite Workwear online or get in touch by calling us on 0115 964 0111.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Mullion Will Float Your Boat

At Granite we believe that quality comes before expense.  We don’t risk your safety in order to provide you with cheap deals; instead we use the best materials available and offer the best value for money.

Planning on going sea fishing or just plain cruising?

The sea can be a cruel mistress, it is best to be prepared for anything especially when you are so far away from land. So a Mullion Floatation suit would be considered an essential item to take along with you.

These floatation suits have a range of benefits which includes, Protection against cold water shock and hyperthermia upon immersion. It also features inherent buoyancy in excess of 50 Newton meaning it conforms to the EN393 standard, the outer fabric is fully waterproof and all the seams are taped. Another feature is the retro-reflective tape on hood and chest combined with the High-visibility adjustable insulated peaked hood insuring that you are more likely to be visible to others meaning that you will be able to be seen from quite a distance.

Mullion aims for and achieves the maximum technical properties and standards within its product range and consistently holds the highest standard of approval possible in each market sector for the relevant products.

Furthermore, Mullion works very closely with the various appropriate standards committees and accredited approvals testing houses in order to ensure the highest standards are set and maintained for the safety at sea industry. All this means that with Mullion you are virtually guaranteed great quality and a product that you know will be just what you are looking for when going sea fishing or cruising.

At Granite Workwear we have an extensive range of floatation suits/jackets and trousers that you will find are of great quality and good value. We also have immersion suits and life jackets for both leisure and professional use.

Mullion North Sea Floatation Suit
Mullion Aquafloat Supreme Floatation Suit

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Muck Boots – Quality, Practical and supremely comfortable

In the current day items like Wellington boots have become increasingly popular for a wide variety of people. You will usually find that these Wellington boots are waterproof and are most often made from rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) a halogenated polymer. They are usually worn when walking on wet or muddy ground, or to protect the wearer from heavy showers and puddles. There are many brands of wellington boots available and one of the best is the ones by the Muck Boot Company.

Why should I buy wellies in the summer? – Just how predictable is our weather forecast?

If you are going to buy wellingtons then there are two things to consider:

Paying far too much for a pair of over-priced branded boots that you could have done just as well buying from the local hardware store, or buying from the local hardware store and get chilblains in winter and sweaty feet and blisters in the summer.

Muck boots are just so comfortable you will forget that you have them on. Once tried you are very likely to be a convert. As with all original innovative products there are several cheaper copies so beware and be careful that you buy the originals. Farming, Veterinarian, Wetland management and all of the regular country activities like hunting, shooting and fishing and gardening are catered for.

The Original Muck Boot Company’s purpose was to build the most comfortable, high performance footwear on the market. The need for a more comfortable boot for use in messy and tough conditions has become more popular in England as people are getting increasingly fed up with the unpredictable British weather meaning that these boots can be put to use when it’s raining heavily, farmers working and muddy conditions, or even emerging trends where people are now wearing things like muck boots to festivals because of the weather conditions making it muddy.

The Muck Boot Company has firmly established themselves as the standard of comfort and quality that goes beyond the expectations of customers around the country. These boots have almost become the ones you look to when you are looking for great quality wellington boots that won’t fail you in any situation. You can find these Muck Boots on the Granite Workwear website, where there is a variety of Muck Boots available.

Such as the Spey Muck Boots:
Spey muck boots

And the Esk Muck Boots:
Esk muck boots

Monday, 30 July 2012

How Important Is Comfort In Trainers?

With the summer time now here, more outdoor activities being done is called for, whether this is just going for a walk in the park, cycling or even just going for a walk round the town all this is sure to leave your feet hurting, unless you have really comfortable trainers, meaning that comfortable trainers almost become a necessity.

Luckily here at Granite Workwear we have just the thing in our special offers section of the webpage, these are trainers that are made by V-Tech both are very lightweight and breathable, providing decent comfort. You’ll see that the prices slashes on these trainers are as much as 38% off. So surely this is a win/win situation you get a decent quality pair of trainers that will keep you comfortable whilst you enjoy the wonders of the of the summer. However not only will these pair of trainers be useful in this situation, they will be useful in almost any situation especially when you have to travel far by foot so whether you are taking the dog for a walk or working on your feet all day, the V-Tech trainers will be the best value for money to get the job done.

With the V-Tech Aviation Non Metallic Safety Trainers costing just £39.95 which is almost 33% Off and the V-Tech Wing Non Metallic Safety Trainers costing £39.95 resulting in a massive 38% Off these are deals that surely have to be snapped up!

V tech trainer

V tech trainer 2

Monday, 23 July 2012

SPF Clothing For The Summer

Summer is officially here, that’s right we have come to the time of the year where everyone gets their summer boots on, now is the moment for everyone to get their summer clothing out, and relax in the sun. What better way to do that this year than to relax in the summer weather with a nice Pulsarail polo shirt that can also allow you to enjoy the sun!?

Come and enjoy our special offer, where you can get Pulsarail protective polo shirts from as little as £10 for short sleeve and just £14 for long sleeve.

The most important thing to keep in mind whilst enjoying the sun, is to stay protected from the UV rays, what some people don't realise is that these UV rays can even effect you when you are wearing clothes, especially when you bear in mind that over 7,000 cases of skin cancer are reported each year in the UK (29% of which prove fatal). This has led to increased popularity of SPF protective clothing wear, as people look to enjoy the joys of the blazing sun  in freedom.

However if you unfortunately unable to enjoy to sun because you are working out in the sun rather than out enjoying it then you might want to think about investing in some work wear that can protect you from the sun, because what’s worse than spending a whole day at work to come back and not be able to relax properly. What better clothing to invest in than the Pulsarail High-vis polo shirts to help keep your summer stress free.
High vis SPF shirt
High vis SPF Long sleeve shirt

Free Regatta Boot Bag at Granite

At Granite we believe that quality comes before expensive.  We don’t risk your safety in order to provide you with cheap deals, instead we use the best materials available and offer the best value for money.

Our latest deal of a free Regatta Boot Bag reflects our best value for money promise. With any purchase from our range of safety boots you will receive a high quality Regatta Boot Bag from us here at Granite.

The TRB07 Regatta Boot Bag is made of hard wearing 600 Denier Polyester which is durable for any of your working needs. The bag contains a zip opening, studded feet to protect the bottom surface of the bag, an internal baseboard and a webbing carry handle for ultimate comfort.

This exclusive offer includes the Goliath HM2001WSI Foundry safety boot which has quick release fasteners, a heat resistant sole that can withstand 300 degrees C and dual density shock absorbing rubber sole. For only £47.94 including VAT, this product will make sure you are in safe hands.

Another product included in our deal is the V-Tech Mohawk safety boot V1244 made of cowhide leather and comes with ankle support with impact protection. Priced at only £77.94 including VAT, this product is resistant to oil, acid, alkali and hydrocarbon.

This offer is exclusive to our range of safety boots, NOT our range of shoes or trainers. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rail High Vis Clothing Explained

With projects such as Crossrail, HS2, main line electrification, modernisation of the London Underground network and Thameslink. The rise in infrastructure investment over the next three years is significant. This will result in many new businesses taking up contracts in these projects.

So, what to wear? This is one of the most regulated sectors in the UK for PPE.

Rail personnel perform a wide range of essential outdoor work in all weathers. The risks are many and varied. Electrical hazards, visibility issues, oils & chemicals, sparks & flame from cutting & welding, exposure and general construction hazards to name but a few. In many instances the tasks have to be performed within a tight time window so the last thing you want is to be turned off site for non-conforming high vis or stuck in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard and find that your clothing is not as watertight as you were led to believe.

Fit for purpose, comfort and durability are very important. Adopting a multi-layer system should be considered due to our four seasons in one day weather we tend to have. Layers can be added or removed depending on the weather but still be compliant with the governing regulations. Make sure that the layers are designed to fit over each other.

PPE (high vis) workwear has to comply with a series of standards that are specific to the rail industry.

The rail industry’s own standard is GORT 3279. This relates in part to the reflectance / fluorescence of the orange pigment in the clothing.

WARNING – Not all orange high visibility clothing meets this standard. Do not purchase or wear any high visibility clothing that does not conform to this standard. You will be able to check this in three ways.

1. On the printed care label.
2. On the user information sheet that should come with all individual pieces of PPE.
3. By requesting the supplier to forward you a copy of the certificate that relates to the PPE.

In addition to the GORT 3279, all of the relevant EN regulations for high visibility clothing, FR, anti-static, electric arc etc & etc. have to be complied with depending upon the tasks to be performed.

On June 1st 2007, Network Rail also made it compulsory for anyone working on their railway to have adequate breathable clothing. This means that all waterproof / foul weather gear must conform to EN373: 2003 and be class 3 breathable and class 3 waterproof. Again – if not sure then seek proof from your PPE supplier by way of certification copies and check the user information sheet / care label.

During a 6 month review of alternative products within the UK market a leading manufacturer of GORT3279 workwear found that over 85% of products did not stand up to the rigours of wash and high vis tests after wearer trials. Differences between batches of clothing and dye lots were also apparent. Buyers beware. Good quality and durable rail compliant clothing makes sense and is significantly more cost effective.

Granite Workwear Ltd. stocks 3 of the most reliable brands in the business. Pulsarail, Sioen and Cosalt. All three manufacturers invest heavily in product development and have an excellent track record as regards quality and durability.

Sizes ranging from extra small to 7XL, trousers up to a 54” waist and high vis trousers designed for a ladies fit are all stocked in depth. Basically, if we haven't got it in stock them it’s not in the country!

We also print and embroider company logos and names, sometimes with a 24 / 48 hour supply.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is defined as “Personal protective equipment”  which would include ‘all equipment (including clothing affording protection against the weather) which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work and which protects him against one or more risks to his health or safety’ e g safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing and safety footwear.

The main requirement of the PPE at Work Regulations is that personal protective equipment is to be supplied and used at work wherever there are risks to health and safety that cannot be adequately controlled in other ways.

Here are some potential hazards and ways to protect yourself against possible harm.

The hazards and types of PPE:


Hazards: chemical or metal splash, dust, projectiles, gas and vapour, radiation.
Options: safety spectacles, goggles, face shields, visitors.
Our Solution: Safety Glasses, shields and visors


Hazards: impact from falling or flying objects, risk of head bumping, hair entanglement.
Options: a range of helmets and bump caps.
Our Solution: Safety Helmets, headsets and chinstraps


Hazards: dust, vapour, gas, oxygen-deficient atmospheres.
Options: disposable filtering face piece or respirator, half- or full-face respirators, air-fed helmets, breathing apparatus.
Our solution: Facemasks and respirators

Protecting the body

Hazards: temperature extremes, adverse weather, chemical or metal splash, spray from pressure leaks or spray guns, impact or penetration, contaminated dust, excessive wear or entanglement of own clothing.
Options: conventional or disposable overalls, boiler suits, specialist protective clothing, eg chain-mail aprons, high-visibility clothing.
Our solutions: Flame retardant overalls, shirts, vests, pants, socks, sweat shirts and jackets

Hands and arms

Hazards: abrasion, temperature extremes, cuts and punctures, impact, chemicals, electric shock, skin infection, disease or contamination.
Options: gloves, gauntlets, mitts, wrist cuffs, armlets.
Our Solution:  WeldersGauntlet, rigger gloves, high vis, gripper gloves, Nitrile gloves, foam gloves,chemical gloves and safety gloves

Feet and legs

Hazards: wet, electrostatic build-up, slipping, cuts and punctures, falling objects, metal and chemical splash, abrasion.
Options: safety boots and shoes with protective toe caps and penetration-resistant mid-sole, gaiters, leggings, spats.
Our solutions:  Safety boot, shoes, trainers toe caps and wellingtons

Friday, 27 April 2012

Hi Visibility Clothing

High-visibility clothing is a type of personal protective equipment that has highly reflective properties. These properties help keep workman safe in potentially dangerous situations.

A European Standard for high-visibility clothing deals with high-Visibility Specifications.
There are three levels of protection:

  • Class 1 Class 1 defines the lowest visibility level e.g. High-visibility trousers with two 5 cm reflective bands around each leg. These become Class 3 when worn with a Class 3 jackets.
  • Class 2 The class 2 defines an intermediary visibility level. Example: vests. Two 5 cm bands of reflective around body or on one 5 cm band around body and braces to both shoulders.
  • Class 3 the class 3 defines the highest level of visibility. Example jacket with long sleeves, jacket and trouser suit. Two 5 cm bands of reflective tape around the body, arms and braces over both shoulders.

At Granite we pride ourselves in standing out for High Vis clothing, especially when it comes to quality, price and more importantly conforming to the EN471 standards. Our many years in this industry means we have vast knowledge and expertise on the high Vis vest market, therefore when buying from Granite you can be sure you have been supplied with the highest quality available.

Whether you’re working in hot or cold weather, Hi-Vis jackets and Hi-Vis waistcoats keep you safe and at the right temperature. Our comprehensive range includes the Hi-Vis Bodywarmer, shirts, jackets, fleeces and coats. Sometimes you need a lighter touch and that’s why we sell our Hi-Visibility Poloshirt which will keep you cool when you’re working hard.

This range is suitable for all sizes, shapes and working conditions and is guaranteed to offer visibility and protection to workers for many years.

For further information on our range of high Vis clothing call us on: 01159640111 or alternatively message us via our contact page, we'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Waterproof Thermal Overalls

So what is the choice? - Which ones should I go for?
This depends very much on the activity and the amount of physical effort you will be expending. Some are warmer than others and some of the outer fabrics breathe more efficiently.
Let's start at the least expensive. Both retailing at £49.95 + VAT. There are two good entry level products to choose from:-

The first is the Dickies waterproof and padded overalls: these are great for driving around on an ATV or the occasional pressure washing. The thermal insulation is quite thick and the outer fabric is not breathable so we would not advice running about too much but great for keeping you warm. There are added features such as the reflective tapes, a padded hood with a Velcro closure and some light reinforcement at the knees.

The second is the Baleno Arctic coveralls: new to us this autumn, we have had some good feedback particularly from those north of the border who have had to deal with some torrid weather. Not quite as thermally insulating as the Dickies but with a more durable outer waterproof fabric and a better construction. These would outlast the Dickies and whilst you derriere would always look big in lined overalls - the fit of these would make you look less of a Michelin man. Features include a wind and waterproof integral hood that folds away in the collar and zipped and gusseted ankles to aid in the removal of boots. This would also double as a leisure garment more readily than the Dickies.

The next step up gets us into the High Vis overalls and there is a choice of two excellent products.

The first is the Pulsarail PR505: with its accompanying Thinsulate liner, G100/COV that zips into the waterproof outer The outer is a class 3 breathable and waterproof overall that is also EN471 Class 3 high vis and GORT 3279 Rail use approved. This is a great all year round product that can be used without its liner in the warmer months and then have its Thinsulate liner zipped in for a snug winter warmer. This is also great for laundering the two parts separately and not having to wait too long for them to dry. No corners have been cut with the accessories. This is a real all rounder that covers all of the bases - unless you are going hunting.
The last is saced for those that really feel the cold.
The Sioen Rabul 5616:

A favourite for those that work on onshore windfarms; steel stock holding yards and anywhere else you are likely to find wet brass monkeys. & there is an option of Yellow / Navy High vis or Orange / Navy High vis. Both EN471 High vis and with a class 3 waterproof and class 2 breathable outer fabric in Flexothane Classic. These are the only overalls with a stretchable outer fabric that gives easily with the body and has ergonomically cut sleeves for an excellent range of movement. The fabric is well proven over many years of use. These really are the best on the market and the best priced on the web. Just how much would you pay to stay warm and dry all day?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hi Vis Soft Shell Jackets

Just arrived at Granite Workwear this month is the smartest high visibility soft shell jackets on the market, the Pulsar P534 High Vis Soft Shell Jacket and the Pulsarail PR535 High Vis Soft Shell Jacket

The Pulsar P534 High Vis Soft Shell Jacket has fantastic features, such as:

  • Stand up collar
  • Two hidden vertical zip hip pockets
  • Front flap covering the main zip
  • Elasticated waistband with draw cord
  • Wrap around branded rubber cuff adjusters
  • Thermally applied reflective tape

This smart high visability jacket is also wind proof and stretchy and can easily be zipped in to the P421 unlined storm coat when you really need protecting from bad weather, the jacket also conforms to the technical standard EN471 class 3. Available in sizes S to 3XL and at a fantastic price of £47.94 including VAT, you can't go wrong with Granite Workwear.

With the same features as the Pulsar P534 High Vis Soft Shell Jacket the Pulsarail PR535 High Vis Soft Shell Jacket has a YKK zip front fastening which allows it to be zipped into the waterproof unlined storm coat PR499, also the ;Pulsarail PR535 complies with not only the EN471 class e but the rail spec GO/RT 32791.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL order yours online from Granite Workwear today for only £47.94 including VAT.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Granite Workwear exhibiting at LAMMA 2012 for the 6th Year

The 31st LAMMA agricultural machinery show takes place at the Newark and Nottinghamshire Showground, Winthorpe Newark NG24 2NY this year on Wednesday & Thursday 18th – 19th January. A major show in the farming calender for both UK and overseas farmers. With over 800 exhibitors it is one of Europes major agricultural events showcasing equipment for the smallholder up to the largest estates. 30 Years ago it was free to attend and cheap to exhibit and it soon became a place of pilgrimage for all those who love their farm machinery. 30 years later it is exactly the same and has turned into the largest agricultural show in the country.

Granite Workwear Ltd has been exhibiting for the past 6 years and has a healthy relationship supplying the farming industry having grown out of the original business of free range outdoor reared pork and free range eggs. This year we have increased the stand space (Hall 2 / Stand 233) yet again to cope with demand and as usual will be offering several ‘Show Specials’

There’s a strong turnout of livestock equipment manufacturers as well as firms that repair and refurbish equipment.

The show is one of few that can honestly profess to have the visitor at heart. Free parking and free entry have been maintained yet again. Making this an excellent day out and a show not to be missed. It’s not all about big arable kit.

Granite Workwear will be offering our comprehensive range of high quality PPE, High Vis, Safety Boots, Muck Boots, and Overalls and will have a complete range of Thermals to combat the recent weather conditions.