Monday, 4 February 2013

New Range Of Unilite Torches At Granite

At Granite we have extended our collection of professional Unilite touches in order to provide you with the highest quality of next generation LED flashlights, lanterns and headlights suitable for using in demanding work conditions.

Unilite uses only the highest specification components in all of their torches, such as ultra-powerful LEDs from leading chip manufacturers. Each individual component used is picked and tailored specifically to suit industry specific applications.

Here is a snippet of just some of the Unilite products we stock:

Unilite Prosafe PS-T1 Waterproof LED Torch

This waterproof torch is ideal and can even be used for recreational diving with its rubberised head for increased durability and its contoured non-slip rubber grip body. With a beam range of 150 meters and a battery life of 7 hours, this torch can be used as a very handy security light especially because it comes complete with a SOS flash setting for emergency signalling.

Unilite Prosafe PS-FL6R Rechargeable Torch

This little yet powerful touch has a beam range of 250 meters which can last for just over eight hours. Once it’s flat, you don’t have to worry about finding some new batteries as you can simply recharge the battery using the indoor charging base adapter. This hand held touch is the ultimate small torch for emergency services, police support (PSU) and security applications.

Unilite PS-L3RK Rechargeable LED High Vis Torch

Hate torches which require disposable batteries? The robust Unilite PS-L3RK is the perfect solution to avoid the small fortune of replacing batteries as this torch comes with a side charging point so you can easily recharge your batteries. Key features include a 135 degree rotational swivel head, water resistant casing and a 160 Lumen LED Spotlight which lasts for 10 hours.

Unilite PS-LR5 LED Spotlight

This top quality torch comes complete with a 160 Lumen Rotational LED Spotlight and a RED LED light for signalling which can last up to 6 hours. If the battery runs out just pop it in the supplied rapid charger adapter and your good to go again. Don’t be afraid of dropping this spotlight as it has a rubberised base for a greater shock resistance and it is also chemical resistant making it ideal for demanding work conditions.

To view our full product collection of Unilite torches visit Granite Work wear online or get in touch by calling us on 0115 964 0111.