Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Waterproof Thermal Overalls

So what is the choice? - Which ones should I go for?
This depends very much on the activity and the amount of physical effort you will be expending. Some are warmer than others and some of the outer fabrics breathe more efficiently.
Let's start at the least expensive. Both retailing at £49.95 + VAT. There are two good entry level products to choose from:-

The first is the Dickies waterproof and padded overalls:

http://www.graniteworkwear.com/p-Waterproof_padded_overall-158.aspx these are great for driving around on an ATV or the occasional pressure washing. The thermal insulation is quite thick and the outer fabric is not breathable so we would not advice running about too much but great for keeping you warm. There are added features such as the reflective tapes, a padded hood with a Velcro closure and some light reinforcement at the knees.

The second is the Baleno Arctic coveralls:

http://www.graniteworkwear.com/p-Baleno_Arctic_Overalls-7764.aspx new to us this autumn, we have had some good feedback particularly from those north of the border who have had to deal with some torrid weather. Not quite as thermally insulating as the Dickies but with a more durable outer waterproof fabric and a better construction. These would outlast the Dickies and whilst you derriere would always look big in lined overalls - the fit of these would make you look less of a Michelin man. Features include a wind and waterproof integral hood that folds away in the collar and zipped and gusseted ankles to aid in the removal of boots. This would also double as a leisure garment more readily than the Dickies.

The next step up gets us into the High Vis overalls and there is a choice of two excellent products.

The first is the Pulsarail PR505:

http://www.graniteworkwear.com/p-Pulsarail_PR505_High_Vis_Overall-7921.aspx with its accompanying Thinsulate liner, G100/COV that zips into the waterproof outer http://www.graniteworkwear.com/p-Pulsarail_G100COV_Thinsulate_Liner_for_PR505-7922.aspx. The outer is a class 3 breathable and waterproof overall that is also EN471 Class 3 high vis and GORT 3279 Rail use approved. This is a great all year round product that can be used without its liner in the warmer months and then have its Thinsulate liner zipped in for a snug winter warmer. This is also great for laundering the two parts separately and not having to wait too long for them to dry. No corners have been cut with the accessories. This is a real all rounder that covers all of the bases - unless you are going hunting.
The last is saced for those that really feel the cold.
The Sioen Rabul 5616:

A favourite for those that work on onshore windfarms; steel stock holding yards and anywhere else you are likely to find wet brass monkeys.  http://www.graniteworkwear.com/p-Flexothane_Rabul_5616_High_Vis_Thermal_Overalls-7878.aspx & http://www.graniteworkwear.com/p-Flexothane_Rabul_5616_High_Vis_Yellow_Thermal_Overalls-7879.aspx there is an option of Yellow / Navy High vis or Orange / Navy High vis. Both EN471 High vis and with a class 3 waterproof and class 2 breathable outer fabric in Flexothane Classic. These are the only overalls with a stretchable outer fabric that gives easily with the body and has ergonomically cut sleeves for an excellent range of movement. The fabric is well proven over many years of use. These really are the best on the market and the best priced on the web. Just how much would you pay to stay warm and dry all day?

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