Thursday, 28 April 2011

Flexothane Agro Spray

These days a lot of farmers still protect themselves with polyester cotton or cotton overalls when spraying. For some low risk chemicals such as highly water diluted applications, this is believed to be sufficient. Unbelievably, there are no specific European EN standards for protective clothing for operators applying pesticides or insecticides. Some member states have developed their own approach to this issue and there is a draft ISO standard (ISO/DIS 27065 which is under discussion with the CEN).
Materials Safety Data Sheets for crop protection chemicals rarely go any further than stating that ‘Appropriate PPE must be selected’.

Think about this..........
During operations such as pouring , loading and mixing, you will come into contact with the concentrated formulations of sometimes very aggressive and / or toxic pesticides. Do you want your offspring to be limited to playing the banjo in the Everglades?

The Sioen Agro Spray protection range has been specifically designed for the agricultural and horticultural industries. It is also suitable for local and regional authorities for verge spraying and parks departments etc. Sioen are the European specialists when it comes to protective workwear clothing. The efforts that they have made since the introduction of the 89/686/EC directive has proven that the protective workwear clothing that they have developed for the agricultural market is ‘fit for purpose’ and amply fulfills the requirements of the ISO/DIS document.

The Agro Spray range is based on Flexothane Classic which is certified to EN 14065.
In addition to this it has been tested as specified in the normative part of DIN 32781;2007 against the aqueous reference formulations for the following parameters and no penetration was detected:-

(SC) Suspension Concentrate.
(WG) Water dispersable granules.
(EC) Emulsifiable Concentrates.
(SC) Soluble Concentrate.
(EW) Emulsions – Oil in water.

This may all sound a little too European Parliament speak. The gist of this is that it is a belt and braces approach which is essential where protection from herbicides and pesticides are concerned.

The Agro Spray range has also been thoughtfully designed to include bib and brace overalls which have the new Flexothane 3D (for 3 dimensional) fabric making up additional protection on the legs below the knees. This significantly improves the mechanical and breaking strength as well as the abrasion resistance. At the same time it also offers additional shock absorbtion or ballistic protection. Ideal when you are spraying over rough ground knee high in thistles.
The range also includes an Agro Spray jacket with hood and extended back and a Agro Spray bib brace overall without the 3D protection on the lower legs. All-in-all, an excellent solution to a problem that, unfortunately, a lot of people do not realise exists.


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Flexothane Safety Clothing

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Flexothane Classic and Flexothane Essential waterproof workwear is durable, tear resistant and noise free. It is also breathable workwear clothing which is used in many industrial environments.

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