Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Safety eyewear:

Eyesight safety provision as well as wearing is a requirement under the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations.

Eyesight Protection
needs to be employed around dangerous environments wherever there is actually a danger regarding projectiles harming the eyes.

Our own selection of Bolle and Peltor Safety Glasses fulfils the requirements associated with EN166, the European Norm with regard to Industrial Eye Protection. This not simply incorporates requirements with regard to liquids, airborne dirt and dust and molten metal protection but additionally impact performance with all of our Bolle and Peltor Safety Glasses ideal for withstanding low energy impact.

Bolle and Peltor Safety Glasses are only able to be offered as low energy impact eye protection. This is primarily because Safety Glasses sit on the wearer’s nose where almost all impact energy needs to be absorbed.

If greater impacts are anticipated then Safety Goggles as well as Safety Face shields will have to be considered.

Bolle Safety Glasses marked EN166 1F satisfy this particular requirement and are also optically correct consequently they might be worn for many hours with no danger associated with headaches.

Prior to you buying the kind of Safety Eyewear you need you'll want to initially think about the kind of hazard being encountered and the ideal type of eye protection suitable for that hazard.

Types of hazard:

Mechanical - Flying particles, airborne dirt and dust or even molten metal.

Chemical - Gases, fumes or perhaps liquid splash.

Radiation - Temperature (Infra-red), uv light or even glare.

Laserlight - Over a broad spectrum of wavelengths from Uv to Infra-red.

Category of eye protection:

Safety Glasses - Comfortable and offered in a number of designs are not going to keep out airborne debris, gas or even molten metal. Bolle designs are obtainable with prescription lenses.

Safety Goggles - Can offer protection for all those forms of hazards. May possibly be put on over spectacles.

Safety Face Shield - Protects the face area along with the eyes nonetheless will not keep out airborne dirt and dust or even gas. Comfortable to make use of for lengthy periods.

In cases where high-impact is anticipated then Safety Goggles or even Safety Face shields will be much more suitable as they distribute the actual force associated with the impact across the face instead of the nose which happens to be exactly what our Bolle and Peltor Safety Glasses accomplish.

Different shades of lenses are available for specialist sectors including Foundries, Glass working as well as with Welding. Bolle also have a comprehensive and high quality range of welding masks for this purpose.

Various lens shades may also improve eyesight with regard to jobs such as examination or low light conditions.

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