Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Flexothane Waterproof Workwear

It’s always been complicated to find water-proof garments which can be appropriate for outdoor work. This may possibly seem to be an unusual point to make, however the great majority of waterproof clothing utilised by those that work outside for a job, were only actually developed in order to keep out water, they were certainly not developed to work in. Many outdoor employees discover that these types of clothes are too unpleasant, heavy or rigid and not actually strong enough with regard to the actual job many people have to perform. Modern day production methods and high-tech materials provide solutions for this particular age-old dilemma.

is a polyurethane membrane layer, transfer coated on top of a knitted polyamide support (the exact same fibres which stop a chainsaw). This is actually a material that ended up being initially created for use in armed forces applications. The high manufacturing standards of Flexothane along with its exceptional properties is today providing huge advantages in the outdoor work place. Flexothane, which isn't a woven fabric, is completely waterproof. It's appropriateness for work is actually improved by the exceptional flexibility of the material. As much as 150% extension enables wonderful freedom of movement, without placing unnecessary tension on the seams. The fabric is actually permeable, and even though it doesn't breathe at the very same standard as a number of the more costly mountain climbing waterproofs, it's completely satisfactory for the work place. Undesirable weather conditions especially extreme cold leads to many waterproof garments to crack. Uv light, that degrades a number of waterproof garments, does not have any effect on Flexothane and even though the actual material is extremely light-weight, it is very durable. Flexothane maintains its soft flexible qualities even at sub zero temperatures, and has no negative effects right down to - 40 degrees centigrade. It's not possible to get those lengthy "L" shaped tears associated with woven fabrics and should you end up being unfortunate enough to pierce the fabric on anything like barbed wire. It is actually really easy to repair. Flexothane is resistant to oils as well as hydrocarbons, is machine washable and may also be dry cleaned. An additional feature is the application of a bio-proof anti-fungicidal agent. This will help to counteract the nasty smells usually associated with waterproofs, that have been put away without airing. This promotes mildew and mould to develop and in a comparatively small amount of time the smells become obvious. The Bio-proof treatment method typically lasts about fifty washes, which usually should be about the same period as the life of the garment.

Garments made from Flexothane have all been crafted specifically with the outdoor worker in mind. It complies with the European standard EN 343, is an exceptionally high standard for waterproof clothing. The clothes are cut generously in order to allow optimum freedom of movement and yet still maintain shape and style. All Flexothane garments have high frequency welded seams in order to provide the perfect defence against leaking. A variety of jackets as well as trousers and bib and brace overalls and thermal overalls are available and may be found in a number of designs, sizes from small to XXXL, and colours that include Olive, Navy Blue, Yellow and Orange, all at prices that are remarkably affordable. In general, Flexothane is really a waterproof you should think about. Don’t wait until the next time you are getting wet.


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