Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Quality Workwear

No matter what profession or trade that you are involved in, the first thing that everybody does before heading off to work in the morning is to get dressed in appropriate attire. Whether you are a business man looking for that smart professional look, or a construction worker who requires durable clothing that offers protection from the wear and tear of the building site and the elements, Granite Workwear is the place to find high quality goods at affordable prices.

The quality of Granite Workwears clothing and equipment can't be underestimated! With a twelve month guarantee on all purchases, you know that we are a company that has a great deal of pride and confidence in the products that we provide to all industries. The durablity of our workwear is so great that they can be industrially laundered at up to 90 degrees cellcius. Our protective workwear is also among the very best available on the market today.

Granite Workwear offers teflon coated, ergonomically designed knee pads to fit with the articulation of the knee, as well as other protective wear including the shoulders, head and feet. Low cost and extremely effective high visibilty clothing; from jackets with two way zips and high collars for additional protection from the wind and rain, to high-vis gloves, trousers and belts.

Granite Workwear is a comprehensive website that offers all types of workwear to protect against elements, help you dress classy as needs be, and provides accessories to help you stay comfortable at work.
Besides providing all sorts of clothing for different occupations that work in harsh conditions, and also provides business attire for the every day businessman. They have a wide selection of high quality, fashionable, and reasonably priced polo shirts, trousers, jackets, hats and bags. Check out the website now!

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