Monday, 11 July 2011

A New Ladder for Any Job

To accomplish any job correctly and safely, you need to have the right equipment which can be found here at Granite Workwear

The great thing about some pieces of equipment is that they are right for a large number of jobs. Many of us have found ourselves trying to use ladders for any number of jobs around the house or yard for which they are just simply not suitable. Often we catch ourselves leaning small ladders into bushes, putting aluminium tips over the tops of window frames or even against glass. Who has not dared to think of stepping onto the top step of a short ladder even though the sticker warning us against this is staring us dead in the face?

Using the proper equipment can prevent falls and serious injury when it comes to working with heights. The proper equipment can be even more essential if you are dealing with paints or even power equipment that has fatal capabilities at larger heights. So put that wobbly ladder away for good and ease the mind of your boss or significant other by purchasing the Fruit Ladder Tripod. This is a wonderful product that has a great name. It is most suited for trimming greenery or performing any type of maintenance work in high to out of reach places. The product utilizes a tripod design that gives you the stability most ladders cannot offer. It is also suitable for use on any surface. It features clawed, anti-slip feet for use under any condition and this is a heart-warming feature when you are fifteen feet off the ground with electric hedge trimmers! If the clawed feet might do damage to any kind of sensitive surface that you are working on, then you can feel assured in knowing that it comes with free protective rubber guards, which are normally sold separately with any other conventional product of this nature that you would consider purchasing.

The ladder itself is constructed using an aluminium alloy that can hold up to 100 kg. safely. The convenience of the product is built right into the design. The back leg is adjustable for height differences and steps are double ringed for comfort. The ladder itself is lightweight to get the job done quickly without tiring you to the point of exhaustion. The wide base gives you stability beyond comparison and at a cost of only £105.00 you get a product that is sure to deliver a satisfactory performance again and again.

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