Tuesday, 8 February 2011

GO/RT 3279 Standard for Railway High Vis

Railway tracks are in need of regular maintenance and it would be too disruptive if lines had to be closed whilst carrying out routine maintenance tasks.

Trains cannot stop in short distances and certainly cannot take avoiding actiion, but if the drivers can see the people working at a good distance they can be warned by the use of the horn. Therefore it is important that the workers are visible from as far away as possible.

On the UK railway networks it is therefore a mandatory requirement for all people working on the track or lineside to wear High Vis workwear as part of their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

This workwear is fluorescent Orange in colour and has the addition of retroreflective stripes incorporated in the manufacture.

The standard that applies to this is a special one; GO/RT 3279:2008 which takes it basis from the European standard EN 471:2003. It requires garments to meet at least class 2 (the mid-point of a 3-class scale) of EN 471 for the minimum area of high visibility materials used within a garment In the case of retroreflective material standards it again draws on EN 471:2003 and specifies materials for use that meet the highest level of photometric performance criteria specified within the standard.
GO/RT 3279 also defines the requirements for a high visibility mini-vest. These are required to conform to class 1 design requirements of EN 471:2003, but with a larger minimum area of the orange background material and higher photometric levels for the retroreflective tape used in the garment.

Granite Workwear carries a comprehensive range of items meeting this standard from the well known Pulsarail Brand.

Breathability and waterproof standards are an important factor in attaining GO/RT 3279 certification.

When selecting clothing to meet these standards it is important that certification is made available if required as some unscrupulous suppliers pass off goods as if to meet this standard.

An additional point to look for when seeking a supplier is that they are an Achilles audited supplier. This is not mandatory but does offer a further level of ‘comfort’ knowing that the supplier has gone the extra mile to ensure compliance.

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