Wednesday, 5 December 2007

How will you cope outside this winter?

Keep cosy for as little as £130

Good old British weather is great when you can sit and look at it through the window while sitting by that lovely open log fire. But we all have to go out there at some time, to fix the car, clear the leaves from the garden, scrape the snow from the drive, or just put the recycling out.

Granite Workwear provide a whole range of clothing that is not just to protect you from industrial hazards. Keep the designer stuff clean for when it really counts and still look good in hard wearing every day outdoor clothes for those evening and weekend jobs.

Keeping dry is often the key to keeping warm. The Flexothane range provide breathable comfort with wind and waterproof protection. Keep a Rainsuit handy as well, packed neatly in the back of the car perhaps

Hands and feet are usually the biggest problem to keep dry and warm. The Muck boot range must be among the warmest fully waterproof you can put on your feet. Perfectly designed for comfort, protection and warmth using modern man made materials. The Granite range of work gloves can provide a solution for all activities. The Gripper gloves are warm with high grip waterproof palms yet comfortable to wear.

Layers are important, so build them up with a Highwicking T shirt and polarfleece jacket and Penine socks.

Visit and see how you can get fully kited out for as little as £130.00.

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