Wednesday, 5 December 2007

How do embroidery designs get onto caps, pullovers or pockets?

Most companies have a logo or at least a name they want on their workwear. This design is first digitised so a computer can read it and then converted into vector graphics rather than pixels so there is no distortion of the image whatever the size.

These vector graphics are loaded into the punch program. The puncher on the software decisively determines the quality of the finished stitch content. Here there are dozens of parameters such as, stitch direction, stitch distance, stitch density, stitch pattern and the precedence of stitch work correctly on the motif, the embroidery machine and the textiles to be embroidered. Thus a leather jacket requires a different embroidery program than a cap , even if it concerns the same embroidery motif.

Understandably there are companies which have specialized in the production of the embroidery motifs.

When the embroidery program is ready, it is transmitted to the embroidery machine. Again also in the embroidery machine there are different parameters which can improve the embroidery or make it worse, such as thread tension and embroidery speed.

The embroidery machine is made, in principle, just like a normal house sewing machine, many components look very similar.The essential difference is the amount of needles, which reaches from 6 up to 18 automatically changing needles and therefore usable colours in one motif. Then when the motif is constructed, a quick change of the embroidery piece can be done, which makes the embroidery very interesting especially for bigger works orders.

Multi head machines can do up to 24 embroideries at the same time. This increases the economic efficiency and therefore makes the price per piece lower. With the use of the finished product there are hardly any restrictions. Therefore, work clothes are a favourite for embroidery. Also clothes that needs chlorine laundry, like for example doctor's smocks can be permanently improved with special sewing cotton.

Most of our clients prefer embroidered logos and these modern techniques allow just about any design to be embroidered. Costs do increase according to the size, density and number of colours in the design for the desired article of workwear.

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