Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Eyes are Irreplaceable!

Always wear eye protection when grinding, spray painting, drilling, welding, sawing, working in a dusty environment, or handling chemicals. Develop the habit of putting on safety glasses or goggles whenever you work with hand or power tools.

Several types of eye protection devices are available:

Safety glasses

Standard eyeglasses and sunglasses provide frontal protection only. If you wear glasses, make sure they have impact resistant lenses. Safety glasses have heavier lenses that can withstand more shock than ordinary lenses.


Plastic goggles protect the eyes against front and side impact. Unvented or chemical splash goggles also offer protection against chemical vapours and liquids.

Always wear goggles when striking hardened metal tools and hardened metal surfaces. This will protect the eyes against flying metal chips.

Face Shields

Face shields protect the face against splashing, dust, and chaff. However, standard designs offer very little protection against impact.

If impact protection is needed, wear safety glasses or goggles under the face shield. Special impact-resistant shields are also available.

Always wear a helmet when arc welding!

The eyes, face, and neck need protection against the burning rays of the arc, and from the splatter of molten metal and slag. To protect vision, make sure the welding helmet has a coloured lens with at least a No. 10 shade when welding up to 200 amps. (Darker shades are needed when using higher currents. Get specialist advice)

Never strike an arc before your helmet is on. Never look at an arc from any distance with naked eyes while someone else is welding.

Remember to use eye protection when chipping slag. The slag is often still hot and breaks away as sharp pieces.

Oxyacetylene welders

The lenses in welding goggles should be a No.5 or 6 grade for welding and cutting, and a No.3 or 4 shade for brazing.

Sun protection also important

Always wear sunglasses to protect you eyes while working outdoors to prevent damage by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Don't take your eyesight for granted!

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