Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It’s that time of year again..

Fruit ladders, orchard ladders or tripod ladders – call them what you will. Working at height without the aid of a safety line or safety net requires something a little more than ‘reliable’. Especially when they can go up to nearly 16 feet / 4.8 meters.

They are an ideal set of ladders for fruit picking, hedge cutting / topiary, window or caravan cleaning.

Granite Workwear supply two types that should cover pretty much all of the terrain that you are likely to need one for. They are made from a high grade aluminium alloy with an all welded structure and a telescopic back leg making these ladders light, durable and weatherproof. On the standard model the back leg is telescopic. On the fully adjustable model, all of the legs are height adjustable for those really awkward locations. The feet are clawed to reduce a slip risk.

They have a high strength to weight ratio and a wide base for added stability. Just to make sure that you are as safe as possible we can also supply protective rubber boots to give you added stability on hard surfaces. They have double runged steps and can handle a safe working load of up to 100Kg. If you need something stronger, we do supply Tripod ladders that cope with 150Kg – just call to arrange.

The height options start at:
4 feet / 1.2meters with 4 steps at 4.4Kg.

 6 feet / 1.8 meters with 6 steps at 6.2Kg.

8 feet / 2.4 meters with 8 steps at 8.2Kg.

10 feet / 3.0 meters with 10 steps at 10.2Kg.

12 feet / 3.6 meters with 12 steps at 12 Kg.

14 feet / 4.2 meters with 14 steps at 16Kg.

16 feet / 4.8 meters with 16 steps at 21Kg.

We can also supply spare back legs, pins, springs and rings if you abuse them too much.

Be safe, buy once, buy well.
Buy from Granite Workwear – we only sell the good stuff.

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