Thursday, 19 June 2008

Peltor Sportac Electronic Ear Defenders

At Granite Workwear we took some time sourcing ear defenders. We wanted products that were high quality and with a good reputation. We decided that Peltor products ticked all the right boxes and that has been backed up by our customers. Peltor Sportac ear defenders are a classic example of that quality.

Active-volume hearing protector from Peltor eliminates harmful noise so fast you don’t even notice it.

The Peltor SportTac is an active-volume hearing protector for shooting applications. With new digital technology, the hearing protector has sound reproduction and a sense of direction that are as close to nature as humanly possible. They have a very fast reaction speed, so you don’t notice when the hearing protector blocks out harmful noise. The new electronics in the Peltor SportTac react instantaneously, protecting the hearing from loud impulse noises. But it does so softly, so that the hunter or marksman rarely even hears the clip as the protection is activated.

The active-volume function adjusts smoothly, ensuring the user very pleasant sound reproduction and less irritation. The digital sound circuit eliminates the sharp sound clip that is typical for most active-volume hearing protectors on the market. Many people find that sound unpleasant and disturbing.
The specially designed digital circuit provides unique sound reproduction and better performance – higher amplification of ambient noise and 600 hours’ operating time.

Comfortable and Safe, With Interchangeable Shells in Different Colours

Another new feature with the Peltor SportTac is the interchangeable shells. Now for the first time, hunters and marksmen can choose their colours to suit the hunt or their mood. They are available in red/black combination or orange/green. The hearing protectors were designed for extra comfort during long hunts that last all day. And of course they can be connected to a hunting radio or dog tracker.

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